Private Lessons

Private Lessons

As one might expect, private lessons on a musical instrument are the best way to improve performance skills. The one- on-one approach allows the student to benefit from the individual attention as opposed to a teacher monitoring a class of over 60 students. A recent survey of one All-State Band revealed that 80% of those students in the band studied privately. Simply put, private lessons work! At Forestview High School, we encourage parents to consider private lessons for their child. A list of suggested instructors is listed below:


Emily Higgins at Music and Arts Center (704.341.0000)

Erin Moon Kelly (803.417.0942)


Donna Black (704.531.5393)

John Sadak (803.448.7131)

Jim Ruth at Music and Arts Center (704.341.0000)

Katie Gibson 803-619-9834


Jim Ruth at Music and Arts Center (704.341.0000)

Patti Moore (704.341.3103)

Dr. Tracy Patterson (Winthrop University)


Hollis Ulacky (704.362.0717)

Kirk Godbey

Melanie Gainer (704.882.9539)


Hilary Yost


Gordan Hann at Music and Arts (704.341.0000)

John Brooks 704-454-8228


Rachel Faille


John Brideson at Music and Arts (704.821.0000)

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