Private Lessons

Private Lessons
As one might expect, private lessons on a musical instrument are the best way to improve performance skills. The one- on-one approach allows the student to benefit from the individual attention as opposed to a teacher monitoring a class of over 60 students. A recent survey of one All-State Band revealed that 80% of those students in the band studied privately. Simply put, private lessons work! At Monroe Middle, we encourage parents to consider private lessons for their child. A list of suggested instructors is listed below:

Emily Higgins at Music and Arts Center (704.341.0000)
Erin Moon Kelly (803.417.0942)

Donna Black (704.531.5393)
John Sadak (803.448.7131)
Jim Ruth at Music and Arts Center (704.341.0000)
Katie Gibson 803-619-9834

Jim Ruth at Music and Arts Center (704.341.0000)
Patti Moore (704.341.3103)
John Alexander (704) 854-3415

Hollis Ulacky (704.362.0717)
Kirk Godbey
Melanie Gainer (704.882.9539)

Hilary Yost

Gordan Hann at Music and Arts (704.341.0000)
John Brooks 704-454-8228

Rachel Faille

John Brideson at Music and Arts (704.821.0000)

Russell Sharp   941-773 3218 

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