Monday, April 24, 2017

Smart Review Schedule This Week 4-24-17 - 4- 28-17

Monday - Flute Choir

Tuesday - Clarinet Choir

Wednesday - NY Rehearsal (Only students going on the trip)

Thursday - Normal Schedule

Friday - Advisory

*If you do not have an A in a class that is not scheduled on your band review day, you will need a pass from Mr. Gibson to come to the band room.

Jazz Band Rehearsal 3:15pm - 4:45pm Today

NY Trip Rehearsal After School 5pm-6:30pm

Class 4-24-17

SWBAT Rehearse Concert Band Music!(3rd period)
SWBAT: Rehearse fundamentals of Band.(3rd period)
SWBAT: Sight read new Music( 3rd and 4th period)
SWBAT: Go over rules and regulations for each class period.
SWBAT: See white board for HW and specific practice information on what we go over in class on a daily basis.
SWBAT: Review HW daily via Mr. Gibson.
SWBAT: Rehearse United Nations March . (ALL)
SWBAT: Rehearse Chorale and Shaker Dance (1-M)(M-end)
SWBAT: Rehearse Emperata Overture (1-L) (L-end)
SWBAT: Rehearse Elements (ALL)
SWBAT: Rehearse Flight of The Piasa (ALL)
SWBAT: Rehearse At Dawn They Slept. (ALL)
SWBAT: Rehearse Novo Lenio (All)
SWBAT: Rehearse Dancing at Stonehenge (All)
SWBAT: Rehearse Metroplex ( ALL)
SWBAT Rehearse an America Celebration (ALL)
SWBAT: Rehearse Fantacy on a Japanese Folk Song (ALL)
SWBAT: Rehearse The Ascension. (ALL)
SWBAT: Rehearse Arabesque (All)
SWBAT: Understand basic music theory.(All Classes)
SWBAT: practice piano fundamentals.(2nd period)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Yes You Have Homework In Band


Yes you have homework in band.  It is called practicing.  This is an expectation of all band students. Please take time to practice like we have discussed numerous times.

1. warm up with long tones/tune
2. practice technique by playing all 12 major scales
3. work on solo music for your instrument or band music.
4. find recordings of the piece you are performing and analyze the performances. 

It is expected that all band students take home their instrument over spring break and practice for our upcoming performances.  All band students will have a playing test when they come back from break. All students will be responsible for all 12 major scales and any warm up/band piece of music we have been working on in class. 

Happy Practicing,

Mr. Gibson

Guard Spring Practice 3:30pm-6:30pm

Only 4th period Band Students for Smart Review Today