Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Students Who Are Not On The Band Roster For Next School Year

Parents and Students,

If your name is on this list please go to guidance, call your counselor, and get your schedule fixed before band camp. All of us need to be diligent when it comes to our child's music education. If you have any questions please email Mr. Gibson at njgibson@gaston.k12.nc.us

Here is the list:

Students who need to see their counselor about being ADDED to the fall 4th period marching band class:

Osiris Ruiz
Phillips Albirght
Matthew Shelly
Dalton Putnum
Steven Gaing
William Buzzeo
David Perez
Tonya Barrios Jimenez

Rising freshman left off the 4th period roster fall 2017 marching band class and spring 2018 3rd period concert band class:

Maia Nelson
Diego Pichardo
Sarayu Kudaravalli
Bailey Hall
Sophie Martin
Takayelynn Swain
Valerie Farfan
Savanna Busler
Kayla Nabinett
Emily Tarantino
Nole Liscum
Nicholas Shiles
Chance Woods
Will Gilbert
Blaine Lewis
Isaiah Carelock
Hayden Knight
Joshua Hipps

 Students who need to be ADDED to the fall 2017 3rd period jazz band class:

Jenna Thompson
Christen Bryant
Nicholas Hendernrich
Sean Kelly
Barry Robinson
Nate Selby
Aaron Gigliotti
Bailey Marquand

- If you are on this list and have a class conflict please email Mr. Gibson.

Students who need to be ADDED to a spring 2018 band class:
Grace Le
Sophia Raspanti
Christen Bryant
Nicholas Hendernreich
Hannah Long
Alajandro Pichardo
William Buzzeo

Also, some students are signed up in the wrong class/section for the spring of 2018.  All placements in the spring band classes will be made in the audition held in November. The audition will place each students in the right section/class. 

Friday, June 9, 2017

2017 Marching Band Show Conquer (Only Music)

Movement 1 (no voice overs)

Movement 2 (no voice overs)

Movement 3 (no voice overs)

Movement 4 (no voice overs)